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The year has started well, because from early January, our client MKB Brandstof has gone live with a Pega application for its back-office. MKB Brandstof is an organisation which first introduced a fuel card for the small business market and has since become successful with the Nationale Tankpas .



With this fuel card, SMEs and freelancers can easily pay their transactions and manage their records. MKB Brandstof is growing and has almost reached the number of 100,000 customers. To serve the growing number of customers, a Pega application has been developed in cooperation with a team from BPM Company to prepare MKB Brandstof for the future.

In 2013, MKB Brandstof, together with partner BPM Company, has started looking at how Pega could best be used to achieve the business objectives, and what processes were most suitable for this. Both parties have worked together closely to initiate the BPM process. As a result, it was decided to position Pega as a middle layer between the front-end website systems and the back-end administration systems that take care of transactions and invoices. This middle layer provides more flexibility and scalability to the back-end systems in order to serve the growing number of customers.

After this launch, a joint implementation team was set up, which worked hard to create this middle layer. The processes for the registration of transactions and sending invoices were realised on this Pega middle layer. The result is a powerful application which provides MKB Brandstof with a solid foundation for its processes and prepares it for the future.

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