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On Tuesday, 8 October, the third presentation of the BPM College Tour took place at the University of Twente. More than 100 students from student association Inter-Actief attended this session. In this presentation, the possibilities of BPM and Pega PRPC were shown by Alexander Schutte (co-founder) and Maarten Veger (Senior BPM Architect). The students of Business & IT and Computer Science said it was a very innovative topic and a clear, compelling story.


The presentation consisted of an explanation of BPM and Pega and a demo of Pega PRPC. Both with clients and students, the visualisation of processes and screens proves to be very valuable and immediately incites asking questions. For instance, it was shown that processes are easy to adjust (‘flows’ in Pega terms). This raised the question of whether Pega was safe and if it was not too easy to modify processes during production.

Schutte indicated that security always remains an important issue and that Pega offers many possibilities for this, including authorisation, access roles, and audit logs. In a well-equipped production environment, users cannot simply change a process.


Veger also discussed the advantage of adjusting data during production: the basic idea behind Pega is to allow certain business rules to be managed by specially authorised persons. A product table is a good example of data that can be managed in a production environment. Decision tables in Pega are a typical example of ‘rules’ that can be delegated to business users. These decision tables are very reminiscent of an Excel sheet and are therefore easy to use. This way, no new releases are requires for changing business rules, which results in a resilient business process.

This third presentation of the BPM College Tour was another interesting experience for both parties. The huge turnout shows that BPM is a topic that is very much alive.