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Students of Business IT & Management at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht were the second group to attend BPM Company‚Äôs college tour. In this presentation, Senior BPM Architect Maarten Veger provided an introduction and a live demo of building processes in Pega PRPC. ICT-BIM professor Gert van Hardeveld and his students were very enthusiastic about the demo.


The live demo showed that it is easy to quickly build a process with PRPC that is also feasible. In order to make this more evident, a process was developed which allowed a student to register for an exam, to take the exam, and the teacher to then check the exam. Based on the input from the audience, the process was then improved by first checking after registration whether the student actually existed. The speed with which this could be built demonstrates the power of PRPC and Direct Capture of Objectives. The contrast with the old reality of long-term change processes could not be greater.

The second session of the College Tour was another interesting experience for both parties. On to Enschede and Delft!