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30 students from student association GEWIS were the first audience of the College Tour of BPM Company. On Tuesday, 10 September, co-founder Alexander Schutte and Senior BPM Architect Maarten Veger gave the first of four presentations on the how and why of BPM and Pega PRPC at the Eindhoven University of Technology. BPM Company hopes to increase brand awareness of Pega among students through these presentations. Because Pega is not freely available and mostly used by large enterprises, the BPM package remains a fairly unknown name among students.


The traditional way of executing projects does not work, Schutte told the students. This traditional method involves first developing a business architecture and IT architecture based on high-level business processes. The level at which these processes are described is insufficient for immediately starting projects to realise these processes. The result: there needs to be another level of deepening before these projects can be started. This leads to large, long-term, and complex projects without adding direct value to the business. BPM systems ensure that these gaps are bridged. Pega PRPC may be categorised among the BPM systems, but it is much more than that.



he second part of the presentation focused on the power of BPM and Pega. Out of the box, Pega includes a variety of functionality and is built based on rules, everything in Pega is a rule. Pega is very good at rapidly making requirements and processes tangible.

This was demonstrated by a demo by Veger. In 20 minutes, he built a process that made it possible to order lunch for a group. This process could easily be adjusted, even during the presentation. The students were very excited about the possibilities offered by PRCP.



It was an interesting experience for both BPM Company and the students, and we are already looking forward to the presentation at the University of Twente, the Delft University of Technology, and the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht!