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PegaWORLD 2015, the premiere event for business and IT professionals, was held in Orlando, FL from June 7 – 9, 2015. Attended by over 3,500 professionals, including BPM Company!

PegaWorld 2015 BPM Company DelegationThis year's delegation was represented by, Werner Mathijs (Sales Director), Jan Willem Van Asperen (Delivery Director) and Eelco Vissinga (Managing Director).

Read more to discover BPM Company's six key takeaways from Pegaworld 2015

Bigger, better, faster, stronger

Compared to last year's Pegaworld there was a bigger number of attendees, there were more and better sessions, and even stronger products, solutions and customer success stories.

It is clear that the vision and strategy unfolded at Pegaworld 2014 has been strongly executed over the past year.

Pegasystems has invested a lot in unifying newly acquired technologies such as Decisioning and native mobility, in its architecture and in providing out of the box Line of Business solutions for Marketing, Sales, Customer services and industry specific operations that leverage the unique, unified Pega 7 platform.


6 Key takeaways from PegaWorld 2015:

  1. Strategic Applications

    PegaWorld 2015 Stratigic ApplicationsThe Pega platform has been used by customers to build strategic and enterprise ready applications for years now. Pega has been implementing industry and process specific frameworks for years as well.

    Bye bye toolbox, say hello to Strategic applications. Pega has repositioned itself from a "toolbox" or platform, to Line of Business Solutions that leverage the Pega platform capabilities.
    Youtube channel: Pega Strategic Applications per vertical
  2. Pega 7 Express

    PegaWorld 2015 Pega ExpressThe Pega 7 platform... made easy. In essence, Pega 7 Express is the same platform, just a different view. Meant to intuitively guide developers and business users in making an application by offering embedded product tours, videos and guided training. The ease of use and the deployment model (Cloud, 30 day trial) makes it appealing for a Proofs of Concept and will hopefully steer business users and IT departments away from building shadow IT applications in less robust technologies.
    Pega 7 Express: Overview movie

  3. Context is king

    PegaWorld 2015 Customer service to MillenialsAt Pegaworld 2015 it was made clear that Next Best Action is not confined to sales and marketing offers any longer. All processes can leverage Pega's unified architecture, which includes real-time decisioning with predictive and adaptive strategies, to personalize the staff and customer experience.
    At PegaWorld we see that Pegasystems sets itself apart from the competition with these embedded capabilities.
  4. Connecting customers to operations

    A lot of sessions are focused on opening up old and complex IT Application landscape to the outside world across any channel or device. Back office is becoming the new front office. Customers - and staff - are demanding more and better self-service scenarios and an end-to-end view on their interactions without having to deal with complexity.
    A keynote by Brian Solis, Principal Analyst for Altimeter Group, about Super charging customer experience depicts the future of businesses and how customer want to interact with companies.
  5. Design time equals runtime

    Innovate or die! Some companies might have been left with an eerie feeling after attending Pegaworld 2015. Time to market of innovative business ideas is key today and will be even more important in the future.

    Pega 7 is one of the few application development platforms that offer zero-coding, model-driven development, integration and data management to simplify underlying complexity in order to speed up the creation and change of business applications.

    During Customer success stories and technology session held at the Tech Pavilion, the fast way of building an application that can be (re)used in any channel or devices without coding or separate development per channel was the underlying theme.
    PegaWorld 2015 Gartner MQ with unified platform
  6. Avoid the "App-Trap"

    PegaWorld 2015 74 procent have no competitive plan in new mobile worldAs mentioned in the introduction, Pega has invested a lot in creating one unified architecture that benefits business and IT departments. Antenna, a leading Mobile Enterprise Application Platform (MEAP) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) suite was acquired in 2013. Thanks to the HTML5 UI that Pega delivers, it was already possible to offer mobile applications.

    However with Antenna's capabilities embedded, you now can generate native apps with Offline capabilities. This neatly fits in the vision and strategy of Pega to "develop once, deploy anywhere".

    Demonstrations of Field Service apps that reuse the same automated process as the back office of a customer operations team were shown in the tech pavilion. Very impressive! PegaWorld 2015 Tech pavillion


Next year's event will be held in Las Vegas, it's a safe bet that BPM Company will be present!