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The ICT project about the ‘Nationale Tankpas’ (National Fuel card) has received the Computable Awards for best ICT project of the year in SMEs. The result of this project is an IT platform that enables MKB Brandstof to continue to support its 45 000 customers of the National Fuel card/Nationale Tankpas, and that it is also flexible enough to facilitate new growth and new initiatives.

mkb brandstof

 National Fuel card is a product of the Dutch corporation MKB Brandstof. BPM Company is the executor of the project and implemented the BPM solution of Pegasystems.

Because of the new software layer MKB Brandstof can continue to grow faster and easier and add new services. After the introduction of the National Fuel card in 2005 MKB Brandstof grew rapidly. The company was dealing with a fragmented IT architecture whereby the different business processes did not work optimally together. There was a backend system where the fuel transactions were recorded and through which the monthly billing process was carried out. A front-end system where new customers can sign up and existing customers can view their data. Aside form this, the platform of MKB Brandstof communicates with systems from all kinds of service providers, such as Graydon for credit checks or the Chamber of Commerce for sign authorization. The growth of MKB Brandstof was not well supported by the existing IT architecture. By positioning Pega as middle layer between the front-end website systems and back-end administration systems, these processes can better communicate with each other.

Agile IT landscape

"This project provides us with the means to achieve an business agile IT landscape, which is ready for new developments and further growth of our organization. With this new platform we have more flexibility, and we can realize new requirements faster, "says entrepreneur Martin Schuurman of MKB Brandstof.

Project judge Reza Sarshar of the Computable Awards praises the manner in which BPM Company has immersed itself in the business of MKB Brandstof. "BPM Company has proven to be capable with their knowledge to have the ability in a fast track to become one with the its customers, not only from a supplier angle but also to look from the customer's perspective to the solution and implement them."

Managing Director Eelco Vissinga of BPM Company: "It is extraordinary that we as a young start-up company have won a prize immediately for the first project we did. We are delighted with the recognition of the outcome and the appreciation for our people who have worked hard on the development of this platform. "

If you want to know more about this award for BPM Company? You can contact Eelco Vissinga, Managing Director of BPM Company on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 0031 6 53 37 06 99.

Press Release, November 6, 2015

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