I often see projects make mistakes that cause delays and budget overruns. Although the problem is in plain sight and the effects are clearly felt, not many people seem to see the problem. I call this issue by the analogy I use for it: a sweater.

How a sweater can keep your IT project on track

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Las Vegas! The place for Sun, Spectacle and Slot machines… And PegaWorld of course, the biggest Pega event of the year where you can meet many of your Pega colleagues, sharing experiences of other Pega projects and hearing about the new upcoming features of the Pega platform.

PegaWorld 2019 @Las Vegas

Last year’s PegaWorld was chock full of new features due to the launch of Pega Infinity. So I expected this year’s PegaWorld to be light on news. Although that was definitely the case, there are still enough novelties to discuss. Below, I will discuss our 5 top takeaways from PegaWorld 2019.

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Rapid application development is a hot topic in many businesses. In order to keep up with market demands and competitors, it becomes more important to deliver new apps faster. Furthermore, due to a shortage of developers, low-code rapid application development is a smart approach to maximize the effectiveness of available IT resources. Mendix, a low code development platform, enables you to build, integrate and deploy web and mobile apps fast. It allows you to visually create apps by using a graphic user interface and drag-and-drop components. Based on Mendix, we developed a six-step roadmap and two starter packs to help small and medium businesses as well as enterprises get a head start on low-code app development.

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I go on a Pega journey and this is what I take with me…

I go on a Pega journey and this is what I take with me

Everyone will remember this famous (Dutch) game from their childhood. I go on a journey and take .. with me, the next persons repeats the former and adds something, on and on until someone forgets something that has been mentioned and he or she is out of the game. When you start a Pega project it is a bit the same. There is so much to think about and if you forget or neglect something crucial, you might encounter major challenges or high cost to fix it later. From my seven year experience as Pega project-/delivery manager, I have listed the top three things to take into consideration when you start a Pega project.

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AI is going to solve all your problems, right?

Artificial Intelligence (AI), is a topic that is frequently discussed in the media. These media stories usually fall into two categories:

  • The optimistic stories: The possibilities of AI are limitless and its benefits are great. It will all happen much sooner than you think, no actually “it’s here now” (whatever that may mean);
  • The pessimistic stories: AI is going to disrupt all businesses. Many people will be out of a job. Some might even predict the robot apocalypse.

Although these two extremes make for salacious stories, they simply cannot be true. I will demonstrate that AI cannot solve all problems and replace all jobs, because there will always be people working alongside/with the AI.

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