This year, Pega once again returned to Las Vegas for its 2017 edition of PegaWorld, and of course BPM Company was present. In this event we attended interesting customer success stories, keynotes and break-out sessions on different implementations of Pega. The platform’s latest capabilities and features were showcased in the Tech Pavilion, the must-go place for getting hands-on experience with the latest functionality.

Pegasystems’ main theme of this year’s event was to be “Future Empowered’ by driving intelligent automation. While Pega already offers a widely oriented digital platform for supporting and automating business operations, we can now see a much stronger connection between its different offerings in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service with implementations of Customer Engagement and Artificial Intelligence. A bunch of new features were introduced, so in this blog post we will list for you some takeaways from PW17.

Realtime Agile through Pega Workbench

Pega currently already provides app-development tools which can increase collaboration among business and IT, and drive the agile way of working: Pega Express and Pega Agile Studio. A new feature that was added is Pega Agile Workbench, which will be part of the Pega 7.3 platform by default. Agile Workbench allows the capturing of user-stories, bugs and feedback items in the Designer Studio. Users can clarify the items by attaching screenshots or capturing short videos by downloading the Pega Screen Capture browser extension. Workbench is able to route items to the appropriate operator and can integrate with project management tooling like JIRA or Pega’s own Agile Studio to create agile artefacts. This will definitely make it easier to list improvements in the application. 

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Workforce Intelligence & Robotics

Workforce Intelligence is an application able to measure a network of all desktops in an organisation for employee productivity, understanding how and when work is performed. The application collects data on what the employees are doing on the desktops and sends it to the cloud where it performs data analysis to find patterns that may increase or decrease operational efficiency. It measures and correlates desktop events that are manual, repetitive or time consuming, and finally recommends automation options in the Opportunity Finder.

Robotic Desktop Automation can be used to record events and create a bot to follow the same series of steps. Captured automations can be integrated into cases by making use of a Robot smart shape, so that next time the event occurs it will be an automated step in the process. Monitoring and prioritization can be done through the Robotic Admin portal, which also provides dashboards, reports and drill-downs monitor health, work status, SLA compliance, and so on.

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Pega 7.3

A new 7.3 version of the platform has been announced on the Pega Developer Network. Various new features and enhancements have been listed there, such as fingerprint authentication for mobile apps, Intelligent Virtual Assistants (AI powered chatbots), NoSQL enablement for data and classes, enhancements to PegaUnit test cases, branch reviews and so on. More information regarding this release can be found on

All together the new Pega release offers many improvements and exciting new functionality making it very worthwhile to upgrade to. In two other blogs made by two colleagues we deep-dive into the new capabilities related to Pega CRM and the usage of Artificial Intelligence.

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I am a BPM architect with 3 years of development experience. I currently specialize in Business Process Management (BPM) and Case Management applications in service oriented environments. My focus at this point is on the Pega Platform, where I fill in the role of System Architect. On a day-to-day basis I am responsible for translating business ideas into successful implementations. Working together in a multidisciplinary team and driving process automation and simplification by using IT are things I am truely passionate about.