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Did you hear about the 80/20 rule? It is also called the Pareto principle and the main idea is that 80% of our results are the outcome of 20% of our actions. Interesting, right? Even if we talk about our personal life, our career, industry or business, this principle can be applied anywhere. But the real question is how to easily find the 20% actions and keep focus on doing the right things, in order to reach our goals and have a successful life. This blog is a roadmap to feeling more productive, getting things done and reaching our goals better and faster. Of all the 11 roadmap elements, the most important is: Do what you love. 

1 - Do what you love

When you have passion in what you are doing, everything is easier. If you already found your purpose, then do everything that you are doing with enthusiasm and try to enjoy it. If you did not find it yet, move. You are not a tree. But in the meanwhile, try to see the full part of the glass and imagine yourself in the win-win situation.

2 - Find your why

Have a strong "why do you do this" for everything you are doing and repeat it every day. Like showering. This will help you to keep the motivation even when you have challenges.

3 - Be grateful

The words "please" and "thank you" open many doors. Try to not take things and people for granted.

4 - Meditate

Empty your coffee cup before adding more coffee. For some people, meditation means yoga classes or just 15 minutes of yoga in the morning. For others, it is just the cigarette break. It does not really matter. The effect is a clear mind and it helps a lot in taking decisions and in getting things done.

5 - Plan

The next day, the next year, the next five years. The successful diets, budgets, projects, and lives are the ones that are SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, time-bound) planned. This helps a lot in being organized.

6 - Prioritize

2 WhatShouldIDo

When you will think about priority, please remember the following story.

Imagine a jar. An empty one. People will say that it is filled in with air. I will add some big rocks. Is it full? People will say yes. But I will now add some little rocks. Now, people will say that the jar is full. But I will now add some sand. Is it full? People will say yes. I will now add water. Now it is full. If I had filled the jar from the beginning with water, there would not be place for the rocks anymore. The jar is our life. The big rocks are: health, family, love, friends, and passions. The little rocks are the others things that matter to us: job, house, car etc. The sand and the water are the rest of things that take energy but do not have a big value.

An easy method to find the priority of things is to have all the things that we want to do on a certain day on a list. After you did that, remove the most insignificant 10% from your list. Repeat it until you have 20% left. These 20% items are the important ones. Sometimes less is more. And remember the 80/20 rule :-)

3 ParetoPrinciple

7 - One thing

You have prioritized the list of important tasks. But priority by definition means “a thing that is regarded as more important than others”. So choose only one thing to work on at a particular moment. Keep focus on that thing. Achieve it. Apply the Pomodoro technique (a time-management technique that means breaking down work in intervals of 25 minutes followed by a little break), if needed. After you finish, pick up the next one. This saves you a lot of time by avoiding too much switching of tasks.

Of course, in choosing the most important thing some people apply the "Eat the frog" method. What does that mean? They always start the day with the most difficult/unpleasant thing (the frog) from the to-do list. Other people prefer to start with small tasks that can be easily achieved. You have to choose what fits you better. But it has to be only one thing at a time.

8 - Focus

Focus can be achieved by learning to say no to multitasking, no to other requirements while doing the current one and to stop checking the mailbox and social media too often. Find music that helps to concentrate and skip the noise around you, and keep these in your mind: what, why and how to do it. And also keep the deadline in mind.

9 - Sport and food

4 Bike

“Do something that brings you money, something that makes you happy and something that keeps you fit.” Of course, balance is the word for everything. But sport and healthy food also have a contribution to our successful life, giving energy to getting things done.

10 - Self-Reflection

Do not compare yourself with others, but with yourself. Are you a better person than yesterday? Did you bring any value to your life or the life of other people today? Did you reach your goals for today?

11. Improve yourself

6 T Shape

Become T-shaped. Do not settle. Be open to learning new things, meet new people. Or just do better what you are doing. Progress is progress. And remember the answer that a child gave to the question: “Who is your hero?”: “Me, me in ten years!“

Good luck!

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