Rapid application development is a hot topic in many businesses. In order to keep up with market demands and competitors, it becomes more important to deliver new apps faster. Furthermore, due to a shortage of developers, low-code rapid application development is a smart approach to maximize the effectiveness of available IT resources. Mendix, a low code development platform, enables you to build, integrate and deploy web and mobile apps fast. It allows you to visually create apps by using a graphic user interface and drag-and-drop components. Based on Mendix, we developed a six-step roadmap and two starter packs to help small and medium businesses as well as enterprises get a head start on low-code app development.

Six-step roadmap to success

Our experience in developing apps for customers with the Mendix low-code platform resulted in a six-step roadmap. This roadmap guides you, and your team, through the full app solution design and delivery process by asking and answering essential questions. Realizing better business results with rapid application development is a collaborative journey of business and IT resources.

Step 1: Portfolio

What apps can you build with the Mendix low-code platform? What do you want to build?

Step 2: Requirements

What are the requirements of your app?

Step 3: Design

What is the best design for your app? How do you design an intuitive user interface and excellent user experience?

Step 4: Build

How do you build your app fast with the Mendix low-code platform?

Step 5: Test How do you test your app?

What Mendix tools are available for testing and test automation?

Step 6: Tuning

How to collect feedback? How to track, detect and resolve issues of your Mendix app?

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Starter packs to build low-code apps

Besides a six-step roadmap, we also developed a universe starter pack for small and medium businesses and an enterprise starter pack. These two starter packs provide companies a proven and structured approach to discover the Mendix low code development platform. It helps first-time users to experience the platform, and to build and deliver their first app fast.

Universe starter pack

The universe starter pack focuses on small and medium businesses. It includes a scoping session, three sprints of seven days, a demo and evaluation session, and the formulation of next steps. In a six-week time frame you become familiar with the Mendix low code development platform, and will build your first app.

Enterprise starter pack

The enterprise starter pack gives larger companies the opportunity to jump-start the creation of a first low-code app with Mendix. It starts with a design thinking ideation session. This is followed by training, the configuration of development and cloud resources, and a boot camp to build your first app. Besides learning how to build low-code apps, it is also important to carefully think about the best way to integrate these apps in your current IT system. For example, how to position the Mendix platform and how to build the necessary skills? We help you to answer these questions via knowledge transfer and best practices, and enable you to create a Mendix competence center.

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