From Business Process Management specialist to digitally future-proof

In 2011, BPM Company started out as an implementation partner of Pegasystems and later on as a Mendix implementation specialist. Based on a passion for optimizing operating processes by means of software. The pace of technological developments is accelerating. That also brings more and more options for innovating existing business models. Progressive technology also enables the creation of new disruptive business models. Established parties are under pressure and are overtaken by start-ups left and right. It is BPM Company’s mission to make and keep organizations digitally future-proof.

BPM Company: an experienced digital business partner

By entering the software platform eco-systems at an early stage, we have been able to gain an advantage in knowledge and experience. We were the first local Pegasystems partner in the Netherlands and the first Mendix and Siemens partner in Belgium. Now, we work with over 50 driven professionals in the Benelux and our nearshore center in Romania.

Pegasystems and Mendix technology

BPM Company has expertise that is unique in Europe to help organizations at a full scale to become digitally future-proof. We develop low-code business apps and end-to-end digital process automation solutions in a very targeted manner to complete organizations’ operational tasks. We are a software implementation partner to both Pegasystems and Mendix. Both software platforms stand out with optimal reliability and enormous flexibility, making applications easy and quick to model, adapt and link according to your specifications.

Passion, knowledge and specialty

Our people make the difference for our clients. For us, passion, knowledge and specialty are key. That is why we invest more in the knowledge of our employees and are always looking for new ways to learn. In addition to building applications with Mendix and Pega, we are also asked for advice on the best way to use this platform technology. Do you want to discover our unique expertise and broad range of services? Contact us. We look forward to meeting you!


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