April 29, 2024

BPM Company and Hogeschool Utrecht: A new partnership for young talent

We at BPM Company are excited to announce our partnership with Hogeschool Utrecht, growing our commitment to the education and development of future IT professionals. As part of the collaboration, our experienced instructor, François, has already had the opportunity to teach essential Pega skills to more than 60 Business & IT students through the Pega Business Architect curriculum last month. We also provide various guest lectures, (internship) projects and inspiring company visits.

Educating young talent

As experts in Pega, we constantly strive to share our knowledge and support for the next generation of Business & IT professionals. In this way, we want to offer young talent the opportunity to learn about Pega and develop their professional skills. Previous initiatives, such as giving guest lectures and attending student events, have therefore contributed to the start of this valuable collaboration with Hogeschool Utrecht.

The curriculum

With the Pega Business Architect curriculum at Hogeschool Utrecht, we aim to prepare Business & IT students for obtaining the Pega certificate. In addition to the necessary theory, guest lectures are provided to prepare them for this. These lectures also cover practical experiences, bridging the gap between theory and practice and preparing students for the world of Pega and Business Process Management.

“We are excited to launch our complete Pega Business Architect curriculum at Hogeschool Utrecht Business & IT.” – Eelco Vissinga, CEO BPM Company

A bright future

Thanks to our partnership with Hogeschool Utrecht, we aim to contribute to the development of young Business & IT talent. In addition to supporting them in obtaining the Pega certificate, we also offer students the opportunity to engage in various practical (internship) projects and organize company visits to prepare them for their future careers and familiarize them with Pega.

Curious about Pega training and education? As an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) of Pegasystems, BPM Company offers a wide range of options that align with your professional goals and organization.