BPM Company has developed a “contact tracing” app for sanitary wholesaler Van Marcke in Belgium to trace possible corona infections. The app was developed by BPM Company in just 5 days and is also the first completion with the Mendix platform for Van Marcke.

After waiting for some time for the government to come up with such an app, the sanitary wholesaler chose to take action itself. The company decided it didn’t want to reopen before they had their own corona app. According to Van Marcke, this was necessary for the safety and health of its 1,600 employees, but also to protect the company’s activities.

In this case it was necessary to be able to make quick and flexible changes. The Mendix low-code platform is very suitable for such an agile approach. The app was built without writing a single line of code. Low-code is a visual development approach for software application development. It supports developers with different experience levels to build applications using drag-and-drop components and model driven logic using a graphical interface. In short, with a low-code platform you don’t have to master complicated programming language but you can configure an application in a fairly intuitive way.

The result is a “contact tracing” app that makes it easy for employees to record who they have been in contact with. This can even prevent new people from becoming infected with the coronavirus. All data of the employees remains completely confidential when using the app and is automatically deleted after three weeks – more than enough for the incubation period of covid-19.

After gaining some initial knowledge of the Mendix platform and the success of this delivery, Van Marcke hopes to develop more applications in a fast and flexible manner. Would you like to know more about what digitization with low code platforms can do for you? Please contact us or call us for an appointment.