December 14, 2015

BPM Company finishes 6th place in Top 100 of FD Gazellen 2015

With a growth rate of 1.005%, BPM Company Netherlands, finished 6th place in the top 100 of the FD Gazellen 2015 and 2nd place in the SME category in the province of Utrecht for the fastest growing company in the annual FD Gazellen Awards.

The FD Gazelle Awards 2015 came to an end, on Thursday December 10th, with the FD Gazelle Awards 2015 Grande Finale in the Royal Theater in The Hague. With a total of 490 companies having received a FD Gazelle for their growth performance and 34 companies have obtained a Golden Gazelle.

Grand Finale

During the Grand Finale additional awards, the Jury Awards, were granted in the categories: diversity, future vision, internationalization, upcoming talent, the most outstanding performance and the fastest grower.

To our delight we were also nominated together with two other companies for ‘The Best Future Vision’ award. We would like to congratulate with winning this award. We feel extremely honored with this nomination and see this as an acknowledgement of our international strategy we are implementing. Since 2014 we have broaden our market to the Benelux to expand our scale of operations and to use this as a foundation for European expansion. We are active in the niche market of BPM systems. This market is growing year after year and is on a worldwide scale dominated by large vendors from the US and Europe.

BPM Company

BPM Company is an IT service provider specialized in the realization of business applications by deploying BPM platforms. The company was founded in the Netherlands in 2011 and since then operates in the Benelux with offices in the Netherlands, Belgium and recently Romania. Currently, BPM Company has about 25 IT consultants in employment. It has reached a turnover of 1.4 million. euro’s with a growth rate of 1005 percent in the past three years.

FD Gazellen Awards

The Dutch newspaper ‘Het Financieele Dagblad, organizes annually the ‘FD Gazellen Awards’ for the fastest growing companies in the Netherlands. The most important criteria for participation are an annual growth rate of minimal 20 percent in the last three years and a healthy financial state.