May 26, 2023

BPM Company moves to Utrecht

After seven years in the iconic building “de Brink” on the Utrechtseweg in Zeist, it is time for the next step for BPM Company. A necessary move, due to the growth in specialists, customers and the demand for our services in Pega. 

The growth of Pega and BPM Company

BPM Company has grown rapidly in recent years due to the growing demand for specialized Pega services in Europa. More and more organizations use Pega to optimize, improve, or set up their business processes. They are looking for a local partner who focuses on quality, experience, and customization in their services in order to realize the success of the Pega application of its customers.

Therefore, with more than 80 Pega specialists and employees, we moved to Utrecht in April, to provide sufficient space for cooperation between specialists or teams. Additionally, space has also been created for the development of knowledge and skills, thanks to a separate room for our BPM Company Academy. This way we can realize our ambition; to become not the largest, but the best quality local Pega Partner in Europe.

Match with the Dotslash community

Pega distinguishes itself, among other things, by making the latest technological innovations possible for users. That is why we started looking for a location where this takes a central role, together with personal development. We found this within the IT start-up and scale-up community in Utrecht; Dotslash. With more than 200 entrepreneurs and 2,2000 professionals, this is the place which focuses on knowledge sharing, personal development, and innovative ideas. That is why we joined this community in April 2022, in order to realize the best service and Pega solutions together with our customers.

Curious about our new location? Stop by and we will love to give you a tour.


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