June 9, 2023

BPM Company organizes blended training for their customers

Foto van groep die blended training volgt in de BPM Company Academy

In recent years, BPM Company has built an extensive track record in the field of Pega training as an Authorized Pega Training Partner. With our wide range of training courses and unique approach, many customers have already been able to increase their internal Pega knowledge with the help of our Academy. Last May, another class started with participants from various clients of BPM Company, including Rabobank, ING, and Bovemij.

Building internal Pega knowledge

BPM Company Academy’s customized training courses support our customers in building their internal Pega knowledge, both through in-company and open-enrollment training. The training in May was an open training. During the training, participants gained insight into the use and functionality of the Pega platform. Additionally, participants were prepared for developing with Pega. Thus, participants gained fundamental Pega knowledge and skills to get started as a Pega System Architect.

“The self-study material is varied, with not only clear text, but also short videos and assignments to test knowledge. This was good preparation for the classroom training, allowing plenty of time to practice with practical cases in the Pega app studio. The trainer was very experienced and knowledgeable, allowing him to answer questions from the daily practice of the participants in detail. I can highly recommend this training to any Business Analyst who wants to understand Pega well, both conceptually and on a detailed level.”

Bart Kooijmans about the PCBA training course

Blended training

May’s training took place in a blended format, combining (online) self-study with (offline) classroom lessons. The training course consisted out of 5 days, spread out over 3 weeks. So, our customers did not have to miss their employees for extended periods of time. A nice benefit, because for many organizations it is difficult to have to miss developers for several consecutive days. Therefore, with our blended training, BPM Company Academy offers organizations an attractive option for training its employees.

Future plans for the Academy

The demand for the training courses offered by BPM Company continues to grow. In the future, we hope to organize even more frequent Pega trainings, to support our customers even better in developing their internal Pega workforce. The next (open) training with available spots is scheduled for October 2023. Would you also like to attend or have your specialists receive training in Pega? Then get in touch with us.


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