May 25, 2020

Building the future? Start today

Artificial intelligence was once something you only saw in science fiction films such as Star Wars, Blade Runner or The Terminator. A decade ago, AI became a little less cinematic, but it was still only reserved for tech giants like Microsoft and Google. At the moment it is very different and AI within reach of all organizations. In this blog, colleague Vincent van der Bijl discusses how you can get started with AI today, what you get from it and, above all, why it is better to start building the future today.

No flying Robots

Artificial intelligence. That sounds like something very expensive and complex. But if you start working with artificial intelligence as an organization, it does not necessarily mean that all employees walk around with virtual reality glasses and that robots fly around offices and on the construction site. You can also start small with a modest budget. Let’s first see what AI can do for an organization.

More conversion for less money

Suppose you have a customer portal. As soon as a customer logs in, he or she will see a banner at the top that allows you to cross-sell. At a bank, for example, this is a banner for a mortgage, a savings account or insurance. But which banner is best to show the customer at what time? As a human being, we would have to do a whole lot of research for that. Thanks to AI, you can determine in real time which banner will generate the most interest by combining customer characteristics with his behavior. For example, your choice of banner is not only driven by financial motives, such as the margin of the product, but mainly by customer needs. And margin x click rate = optimal marketing.

Better and cost saving customer service

Thanks to artificial intelligence, you can also take proactive actions. Think of data analysis. Imagine: a system indicates that there is a high probability that the telephone lines will become overloaded because there is a problem with the delivery of one of your products. Based on this, you can decide to put more staff behind the phone or to proactively email customers who have not yet called but who have ordered the product in question. This way you can manage expectation and you can turn a negative situation into a positive experience. You can also have the content of emails analyzed using AI. This way it can be automatically determined what to do with an email. Angry customer? That email goes straight to the manager, with high urgency, so that the customer can be approached immediately and proactively helped. This takes away a lot of frustration from your customer.

Catching the boat

These are just a few simple examples of what you could do with artificial intelligence. By putting a bit of human responsibility at the computer, you achieve results that you could never have achieved alone. If you start small, you as an organization can get used to it and gain experience, while you immediately experience added value and are ahead of your competition. If you wait, there is a chance that you will have to try to catch the boat while swimming and spluttering and that you will see the backlog getting bigger without any major change process and large, expensive steps. Building the future? It starts today.


We believe that artificial intelligence is the future. Not only because we are passionate about technically ingenious solutions, but mainly because we believe that artificial intelligence can be of great value to any organization. In an inspiring workshop we can quickly get from a long list of ‘wild’ ideas to a top three of practical solutions with real business value. Interested? Feel free to contact us, we are happy to tell you more.