A renewed pension system with Pega

The challenge

Three years ago, asset manager and pension administrator MN concluded that their existing pension administration system was not future-proof and did not meet the requirements following the changes related to the New Pension Act. After extensive research, it was decided to make a new back-end system suitable for PMT and Koopvaardij, However, the front-end remained dependent on Pega, which meant that we at BPM Company could contribute to the success of the renewed program.

The project

Our team, consisting of nine consulting, has worked over the past two years on integrating the new pension system with the existing Pega front-end. This included enhancing the interaction portal and task menu for the front office, and expanding self-service options in the portal. Six months before the go-live date, we faced the additional challenge of fully building the salary statement in Pega. We successfully accomplished this.

Additionally, BPM Company introduced a new approach for email handling using digital messaging channels and email triage. This enables the use of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI for further automation of the email channel, paving the way for fully automated responses in the future.

At the end of 2023, a pilot was conducted for all functions, allowing MN employees to get accustomed to the new interaction portal and the revamped email handling. This ensured a smooth transition and optimal preparation for the official go-live in early 2024.

The result

The go-live resulted in several key outcomes. We achieved a successful integration of the pension system with the Pega front-end. Additionally, we improved the interaction portal and task menu, leading to more efficient customer service. We delivered the payroll report on time in Pega and introduced an innovative email handling process that is ready for further automation with NLP and AI. These accomplishments strengthen MN’s position in providing excellent customer service and prepare them for future-proof pension management.

“We have been working with BPM Company for over four years now, and their role continues to grow. I am always impressed by the personal contact and the services provided by BPM Company. There is a lot of transparency and a strong intention from both sides to further deepen our collaboration.” – Rene van Gelder, PO of the Pega team at MN

At BPM Company, we are proud of our partnership with MN and the results we have achieved together. Would you like to optimize your business processes and make your organization digitally future-proof with Pega? Let’s meet and discover what we can do for your organization.