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More functionality in significantly less time

The challenge
The project
The result

The challenge

Securex is an international business for human capital management services. The Securex IT department spent an enormous amount of time on “maintenance of the past”. As a result, there was not much confidence in or appreciation for the IT department. The main reason given for this was: slow to change, a lack of transparency and little collaboration.
In 2016, it was decided to use a low-code platform to be able to move away from traditional developments and the formerly used waterfall model. After extensive research, Securex opted for the Mendix platform.

Mendix not only provides a ‘model-driven approach’, which accelerates the development; it also enabled substantially less time to be spent on maintaining the software development process.

The Mendix platform offers the combination of speed and efficiency that Securex was looking for. Thanks to this combination, Securex can develop the desired innovative applications whereby Mendix brings together low-code development IT and business.

The project

The pilot project Securex started was the application ‘HR calculations’. Securex formed a team comprising 2 Securex Java developers, a developer from BPM Company and a Mendix consultant. What would have taken a traditional team of developers at least 3 months to create now only required a 4-week development time.

Over the subsequent period of 3 months, several apps were built to evaluate the platform in complex and varying situations. Here, the evaluation was also positive. Then, the Securex IT team developed each new front-end app with Mendix.

The result

In their first business case, Securex expected to develop 5 applications in the whole of 2018. Their expectations were amply exceeded. Within just the first 7 months, the team created 10 front-end applications (5 in current productions, 3 in user acceptance tests and 2 in development).

Securex is very impressed with the increased output, but they are even more impressed by the ability to deliver a complete product with Securex IT in the same amount of time it would have taken to release a minimum viable product (MVP): “The duration of the project is the same, but you offer a lot more functionality.”

Currently, multiple teams are working constantly to build apps with the Mendix platform. Mendix is used to release back-end processes, replace legacy applications, build new front-end applications and as a platform for innovation to test ideas in the market. Key words here are: business alignment, time to market and uniformity.

Securex was also able to apply its own brand/house style in all apps. This creates the desired sense of uniformity in their product range. That sense of unity is received with enthusiasm by the whole organization. Business units are enthusiastic about being able to design their own solutions and have more input in how applications work. With an IT department that is less transparent and less conservative, the company is much more aware that the IT department is a partner in actively helping others achieve their goals.

Satisfied client

When Securex invested in Mendix, CIO Frans Temmerman wanted to make sure the message was clear to the whole organization: “We change the way you work. Our IT no longer maintains the past. It is the future of the organization, and makes Securex a better workplace.”.

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