BPM Company launches Mendix Summer School


Our Mendix Academy provides a training program in which students are fully immersed in the Mendix low-code platform. After this training you will be ready to start working as a Mendix low-code developer!

The first BPM Company Mendix Summer school started on July 6 and a new session will start on August 17.
The training sessions will be a combination of BPM Company onsite training (classroom) and homeworking with remote support.

The training consists of a complete program with learning modules, practical exercises and inspiration sessions.
Basic low-code training, so you become a “Rapid Developer”, with certification
Intermediate training, with exercises
 Thanks to the BPM Company training app, you will be familiar with the real thing
 Advanced session on API integration, UI styling and native mobile development
 Inspiration session SAP backend integration, with guest speaker SAP
 Inspiration session Siemens MindSphere IoT cloud provided by Siemens

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