BPM Company starts Mendix Academy Virtual Classroom

The Mendix platform is of growing interest. More and more companies are opting for low-code platforms for building business applications. And this goes beyond just a few front-end screens or simple workflows.
Mendix is used for many different purposes: portals, mobile apps, strategic business applications, digitization, and many other applications.

Wondering if you can learn Mendix? You can!
Thanks to BPM Company Academy Mendix training you will immediately receive the correct explanation and guidance during the first steps. We ensure that learning runs smoothly and pleasantly.
After 3 days of basic training you will become a “Rapid Developer” and from then on you will be part of the vibrant Mendix Community.
After this training you can contribute to the development of applications that make a difference within your organization!
The Training is given by a “Certified Mendix Trainer”, which means that we guarantee the best quality and high involvement.

BPM Company offers tailor-made training, as well as classroom training at our offices located in Merelbeke (Ghent) and / or Boortmeerbeek (Leuven).

New in our offer is the Virtual Led Classroom training calendar:
During 3 days you will be taken in an intensive training, so that you are ready for the “Rapid Developer” Certification.

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