December 18, 2019

From process optimization to digitally future-proof

Currently, digital transformation may be the most discussed topic in organizations worldwide. It is a development with an enormous impact on all aspects of our life and work. Digital technology fundamentally changes organizations and is a source of innovation. Due to digitization, the expectations of customers and users change at least as much as the technology itself. Unique digital experiences they get from organizations today, they will want from everyone tomorrow. How can you keep meeting your customers’ constantly changing wishes? And what does that mean for your organization, processes and systems?

Uniting three worlds

In BPM Company, we unite the worlds of business economics, technological innovation and our passion for sustainably improving operating processes. Over nine years ago, BPM Company started out as an implementation partner of Pegasystems and later on, also became a partner of Mendix. Now, we make organizations digitally future-proof by means of software.

Management and system approach in one

One the one hand, Business Process Management is a management approach, geared towards making your operating processes more efficient and more effective. On the other, it’s a system approach: software you use to automate operating processes. Business Process Management is holistic and offers a framework for the continued improvement of your whole organization.

Accelerating processes

A simple example, but one that many businesses will recognize, is applying for a business loan at a bank. It is often a complex process, with multiple instalments, which can take weeks or even months. And it’s not exactly customer-friendly. You can simplify and accelerate processes like that by automating them. Instead of the initial interview at the bank, you can enter your information online; that skips a lot of steps and drastically shortens the application process.

Start with the process

We start with the process an organization wants to optimize. With the knowledge owners within the organization – the people who know the processes through and through – we look at where the optimization opportunities lie. Together, we develop high-quality and future-proof digital solutions, step by step. We are one of the first to do so, based on the Pegasystems and Mendix software platforms

Passion, knowledge and specialty

We are known as the specialist and work closely with our platform suppliers. That is why we are not only asked to develop a solution; we are also asked for advice on the best way to use the technology. For us, passion, knowledge and specialty are key. We invest a lot in the knowledge of our employees. In the end, it’s our employees that make the difference to our customers.


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