July 16, 2022

From reactive to proactive customer contact? That’s how you do that

There is often no integrated customer view within an organization. Applications do not work together and processes are not well integrated. In this way it is completely unclear what is going on with your customers and how you can best help them. Jan Willem van Asperen, sales director at BPM Company, knows all about it. In this blog, he explains how you can achieve an integrated picture of your customer.

Fragmented and reactive customer contact

Many organizations still work with fragmented systems. Customer service works with application A, marketing with system B and the operation has yet another solution. And I’m not even talking about messages that come in ad hoc somewhere, such as a complaint via Twitter or positive feedback via Facebook. If I complain on Twitter about the umpteenth malfunction at my telephony provider, I do get a response – believe me, I’ve tried it – but my complaint does not appear in the customer history. Next time I call nobody knows about a complaint. That’s what you get when everything is handled separately. There is no such thing as an integral picture of your customer and as an organization you have no idea how you can best help the customer.
Een leuke bikini voor meneer?

This approach also has a negative impact on your marketing campaigns, I now know from experience. Like 79 percent of Dutch people aged 12 or older, I regularly buy clothes online. Believe it or not, that is – without exception – men’s clothing. What do I receive in the newsletters of the relevant company? Buy bikinis and bathing suits at a discount! My children thought it was hilarious, but I doubt whether it is a very successful marketing approach…

Structured and proactive customer contact

The Pega Customer Decision Hub integrates all your customer data sources and flows. It predicts – based on AI – your customer’s needs, anticipates and personalizes each subsequent interaction, across all channels. Compare it to a super-smart human brain that connects all your customer’s experiences. This way you can surprise your customer with structured, appropriate and proactive customer contact.

Want to know more?

Do you want to know how your customer data can be centrally administered and coordinated? Curious how Pega can help your organization? Feel free to us. What is your next best action?