How can we tackle digitization more quickly and simply? How can IT spark more enthusiasm and establish a closer connection to the business? These are the points Indaver wanted to solve in setting a new future-oriented IT strategy.

Consequently, they were looking for a platform that can effectively support agile software development. After researching various options, Indaver opted for Mendix on the SAP Cloud platform. The implementation of the platform will be supervised by BPM Company consultants, in close collaboration (co-creation) with the Indaver IT team.

Instead of customizing the SAP back-end, they have now opted to build extensions and front-end applications that are designed in an iterative way, along with the business. Indaver’s objective is to build an ambitious portfolio of applications in the coming years, going from renewing existing applications to whole new ways of digitally interacting with customers and suppliers.

Ready for the digital future thanks to Mendix!