January 15, 2020

Know your client!

Many organizations do not have a clear idea of who their customers are, let alone be able to meet their specific needs. When you have a complete image of who your customer is and where they are in their customer journey, you can offer them much better service and retain them as a customer. Sound complicated? Jan Willem van Asperen, Delivery Director at BPM Company, disagrees.


We’ve all been there. You call the service desk of a medium or major-sized organization and you get hold of an employee who has no idea who you are. You’re assailed with questions: what’s your name, zip code and address, what’s your order number, account number or credit number? The employee searches in the wrong system, or you’ve been connected to the wrong department and you might just have to repeat all your information again. Inefficiency on one side, irritation on the other.

An employee who knows what’s going on at the other end

How much nicer is it for customers to reach someone on the other end of the line who knows who they are, their information, which purchases they’ve made and what other interactions there have been, through which channel, and which outstanding issues there are? A customer service employee that doesn’t have to switch between the CRM system, product system, accounting system or any other system, and who knows what’s going on with you: the customer. But migrating all those systems to one other platform isn’t that simple.

Customer-friendliness is closer than you think

And yet, customer-friendliness is a lot closer than you think. Simply linking systems offers better insight into who you’re talking to and where they are in their customer journey. When receiving an e-mail or phone call from a customer, the customer service employee will then have all the relevant information available and the customer can be directly answered, very personally and specifically. The result? A custom conversation, much fewer transfer errors and a customer who is happy with how they are helped.


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