December 12, 2022

Leaseplan takes an important step in digitization

Our teams at LeasePlan have achieved great results in recent weeks!

LeasePlan operates in a very dynamic market. To strengthen their leading position, they are switching to a digital business model. The realization of their ‘next generation digital architecture’ is the basis for this.

At the heart of digitization

With Pega being at the core of this architecture, BPM Company has supported LeasePlan from the early days of this program.

Our four teams are operating in the heart of digitization, with their core operational lease processes for both lease cars and Light commercial vehicles. Hard work, dedication, and collaboration with all parties involved have resulted in realizing essential milestones in the past weeks.

The foundation of the next generation of digital architecture is live and will be built from here on forth. We thank all of our colleagues who have contributed to this success and thank LeasePlan for the opportunity to support them in their ambition.