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How do you succesfully deploy a Nearshore IT team?

Working with a nearshore IT team is an interesting option for many companies. The excellent training and quality-oriented ambitions of - potential - employees are some of the main factors in the spectacular advance of nearshoring. But what does it [...]

By |August 2020|Blogs|

Building the future? Start today

Artificial intelligence was once something you only saw in science fiction films such as Star Wars, Blade Runner or The Terminator. A decade ago, AI became a little less cinematic, but it was still only reserved for tech giants like [...]

By |May 2020|Blogs|

Characteristics of good management information

Reliable management information is of crucial importance. But what does that management information look like and on what data is it based on? The right information at the right time In order to be able to make the right decisions [...]

By |April 2020|Blogs|


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