May 8, 2023

Own agile approach or Pega-agile approach?

If you as a organization decide to switch to a Pegasystems solution, you will also have to deal with the agile approach that the company has developed for this. This agile approach has its own customs and terminology, which do not always correspond with the way your teams are used to working. A Babylonian confusion of tongues seems almost inevitable. Or does it? In this blog, Jan Willem van Asperen, Delivery Director at BPM Company, explains how things can be done differently.


More and more organizations have embraced agile working, especially when it comes to software development. But every company develops more or less its own practices in this, regardless of the technology. If you’re looking for a high-quality CRM and operational excellence software solution, chances are you’ll one day decide to switch to the Pega platform. And that platform also has many things that support the agile development process. One thing though: Pega uses its own terminology, its own processes and its own tooling and that creates the necessary confusion.

Inefficiency and confusion

For example, Pega talks about Direct Capture of Objectives, otherwise called: DCO sessions. For users who have not worked with Pega before, it is unclear what that is and how that relates to any of their own terms, such as refinement sessions. Pega also supports the recording of requirements and specifications in their platform. But what if your organization is used to doing this in a program such as Word or JIRA? And is a sprint review now the same as a Pega Show and Tell session? Not only does all of this regularly lead to confusion, it also makes for an inefficient software development process. Many organizations struggle with this. Do you go for the Pega way of working and terminology, or do you combine it with your own processes and tooling?

Own view

You can call in help to find a good solution that works best for your organization. Of course you can knock on the door of the Pega team. But logically they see the world through their own Pega glasses and speak their own Pega language. They are often less able to imagine how a process runs for you as a user. And that makes it difficult to arrive at an approach that combines the best of both worlds. That’s where our added value comes in. Thanks to our broad experience in agile working at many organizations, sometimes in the most exotic variations, we are well able to bring together the mix of Pega-agile and your own agile way of working. Because we can quickly put our finger on the critical area (s), we can help you make clear choices about what to use and when. In this way we ensure that the processes become clear again and that you can work optimally and efficiently. Without a Babylonian confusion of tongues.


Are you done with the confusion of tongues and curious about what we can do for your company? Feel free to contact us. We like to think along with you.


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