April 24, 2023

PegaWorld INspire 2023, Meet BPM Company there

As a European Pega Partner, we are at PegaWorld iNspire this year. As a sponsor we will be in Las Vegas from 11 to 13 June. We will meet the Pega Community with various colleagues at our stand (no. 28) and in the Innovation hub. Will we see you there?

These BPMs will be present at PegaWorld this year:

5 reasons to attend PegaWorld iNspire

What’s going on with Generative AI? How can I adapt to changing technology and use it to optimize my business?

  1. Demystify AI:
    The game-changer for everyone – everywhere. Discover the tools you need to deploy AI strategically for your enterprise.
  2. New technology:
    Dive into the latest AI and automation innovations that are changing the digital landscape.
  3. The roadmap to the future:
    Discover Pega’s vision for building the autonomous enterprise and hear how it impacts the future of technology.
  4. Pega success stories:
    More than 80 sessions with Pega customers, including our customers LeasePlan and Rabobank.
  5. In the heart of the Pega community:
    The event where industry knowledge, technical expertise, and the network come together to share experience and knowledge.


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