Renewing an ERP application presents a bigger and bigger challenge. Potteau’s ambition is to optimize, automate and digitize its processes without customizing the ERP package.


The core challenges for a flexible custom service company are substantial: How can we work more quickly with multiple external parties like the contractor, the architect and the subcontractors for production and assembly? Can we make the work method, scheduling and stock management more efficient? Can we increase the returns by optimizing and automating the processes?
The solution chosen was an ERP solution from Microsoft, combined with a strong low-code platform. Potteau’s IT team itself will be building its Mendix knowledge, so that multiple applications can be created in partnership with BPM Company (co-creation).
In the upcoming years, Potteau will be building multiple applications, such as a mobile application for the field service department, integration of the engineering processes with ERP, and shopfloor follow-up.

Ready for the digital future thanks to Mendix!