Senior System Architect

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Start date

2 January 2024


4 weken


Blended Learning


BPM Company office (Utrecht)


Price on request

The Certified Senior System Architect program is for Pega System Architects who want to further expand their knowledge of the Pega platform and improve their ability to efficiently implement Pega solutions. The program is designed to help application developers increase their knowledge of application development on the Pega platform. The class days in this training focus on the tasks a Senior System Architect performs to develop a Pega application.

Purpose of the training

The program is a follow-up course to teach Pega System Architects how to efficiently build Pega solutions.


After completing the training you are largely prepared for the PCSSA (Pega Certified Senior System Architect) exam, where depending on the candidate, further self-study is required to pass the exam. If you pass, you will receive the official PCSSA certificate.

Course dates

    Course hours

    09:00u – 17:00u


    Price on request


    Target audience

    • Pega System Architects


    Office BPM Company
    Building./Drommedaris, 3rd floor
    Europalaan 101
    3526 KR, Utrecht


    The class location is easily accessible by public transportation and provided with ample free parking.

    "Understanding and applying the Pega theory"

    In addition to the study materials, you will have many discussions with fellow students and receive training from experienced Pega specialists. They will meet with you to go through exam questions together, explain the theory behind them and include examples in Pega. This way, you learn to really understand and apply the theory.

    Jorn Koster

    Pega System Architect

    "Training program and guidance"

    With a unique training program and the guidance of experienced consultants, we ensure that our people develop to their fullest potential as a full-fledged Pega specialist.

    Stanley Foster

    Manager BPM Academy

    "Great start to my Pega career"

    In no time was I prepared to start working as a Pega Developer on a project at a client. Through the training and guidance of experienced Pega Developers, I was immediately able to get started and add value.

    Niels Oelderik

    Pega System Architect

    Pega traingen en opleidingen voor CSSA, CSA, CBA.

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