December 10, 2020

Ready for the future with the Pega platform

We live in an increasingly dynamic world in which changes are occurring at an increasing pace. In order to grow and prosper as a company, and to continue to serve your customers well in the future, you can no longer do without modern technology. What is the strength of the Pega platform in this enormous dynamic and what makes our employees the valuable team that they are? Eelco Vissinga, Managing Director of BPM Company, explains it in this blog.

The power of the pega platform

With the cloud-based Pega platform, organizations can easily and quickly set up their end-to-end processes and integrate it with their existing application landscape via smart interfaces. This is different from the traditional way of developing software. First of all, the business processes are central. With the help of blocks and building blocks, we replicate those processes via a graphical interface. We then add the business logic to each process step. When that is done, we generate the software. Does a process change? No problem. Then we implement the changes in the Pega platform, we regenerate the software and you’re done. There is no complicated programming language or code involved. This means that the platform perfectly matches the dynamics in the world around us. You build something, but it is not finished. It is easy to maintain and adjust. This way your software is not an obstacle, but grows with your organization, whichever direction it takes.

Continuous development

It has been our mission for almost ten years to make and keep organizations future-proof. It is not without reason that we chose the Pega platform from the start, which made us the first Pega partner in the Netherlands. That has given us a big advantage. In order to maintain that lead, we continuously invest in the development of the knowledge and expertise of our people. Because they ultimately make the difference. In addition to the experts who are at the controls and who generate and configure the software, we also have consultants in our team who know best how to guide an organization in organizing and implementing the Pega platform technology.

Pega-believers at heart

It is no coincidence that our employees came to us. Their passion for technically ingenious solutions makes them a big fan of the Pega platform, including the possibilities it offers in the field of artificial intelligence and robotic process automation. For example, Pega has recently been recognized by Forrester Research as a leader in real-time interaction management, a modern technology that helps companies deliver a highly personalized digital experience to their customers at all stages of the customer journey. That inspires us. Not only because it is state-of-the-art technology, but because we believe that things like AI and RPA can be of great added value for our customers, now and in the future. That is what our people all jump in the car or step on their bike for in the morning: to build valuable things for our customers with Pega.


We understand that you may not have a specific idea of exactly how the Pega platform can add value to your organization. That is why we want to invite you to our online workshop in which we demonstrate hands-on how quickly you can automate and model a process. In this way we bring to life what may still be abstract, in only an hour. Sign up here!



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