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We build digital solutions and guide and advise organizations in their digital transformation. Our solutions help you make full use of your digital opportunities. Whether it’s exceeding customer expectations or optimizing your operating processes, we always think along with you about the most suitable options. The experienced Business IT experts at BPM Company are both result-oriented consultants and hands-on executives at the intersection of business, operating processes and IT.



Pegasystems and Mendix, solid and flexible

For improving your digital cloud and future viability step by step, we use the extremely solid technology of Pegasystems. And we use Mendix software to build high-speed, low-code applications. Both technologies stand out with their surprisingly extensive standard options and immense flexibility.

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  • Digital process automation

  • Customer engagement

  • Legacy modernization

  • Training & certification
  • Expert services


Design thinking: analysis and solution

Design thinking is based on logic, imagination, intuition and systematic reasoning. It’s about exploring the options and coming up with desired results for clients. In our Design thinking workshop, we use a design approach with which we can come up with and partially execute applications within a few days. These workshops, in which business and IT come together, are scalable from two days to a few weeks. In the workshops, opportunities are identified, solutions are designed, and knowledge and experiences are shared.


Journey planning: join us?

In this work method, we work with you to develop a strategic digital roadmap that optimally aligns with your customer’s digital journey. It provides insight into all customer journeys. From their initial interest to retention and renewed customer interest. Important results of journey planning are that you have a much better view of the most important high-level requirements and that you can support your financial business case.


Your own Center of Excellence

Digital transformation is very dynamic and intense and developments occur at lightning speed. A Center of Excellence neatly combines all the relevant knowledge for your digital journey. Our experts have the experience and know-how to help you effectively set up your own Pegasystems or Mendix Center of Excellence. With these, you can ensure that valuable current practical knowledge within your organization is actively acquired, shared and expanded.


Delivery Preparation: good preparations pay off

Before launching a digitization project, it’s important to have a solid foundation. Are the objectives clearly formulated, is the governance properly structured and does the composition of the team have the right balance? There is much to consider. Our experienced planners are happy to help efficiently prepare your project to mitigate risks and set a focus on quality.

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