Mendix, flexible low-code software platform

Mendix is a leader in the field of low-code development platforms. Now that Mendix has become part of Siemens, the platform is being used more and more for operational processes in the ‘Digital Factory’ and in Internet of Things environments. With a low-code work method, the Mendix software platform offers all the freedom to quickly build, test, implement and adapt very flexible, user-friendly and high-quality applications. That applies to IT professionals and business professionals. With Mendix, professional users and business analysts can actively participate in the development process together. That will improve the interaction between business and IT.

Mendix, perfect for design thinking in app development

Mendix software uniquely facilitates a design thinking work method in the development of strategic and operational business apps. With Mendix, both users and analysts have a standard set of extensive options for participating in the development process. Mendix software is perfect for dynamic organizations that quickly want to gain many experiences during their digitization projects and that want to very quickly implement those changes in their applications.

Extremely short ROI time

With low-code Mendix applications, you are in constant control of all the processes within your organization. Characteristic of Mendix is the extremely short ROI time, thanks in part to the use of powerful visual tools. With this, sustainable and fully scalable applications can be built very quickly, in which pre-built components from the Mendix App Store can be included or linked.

‘Self-thinking’ Mendix apps

Mendix solutions make it possible to build apps that automatically adapt interfaces and their behavior based on pre-defined environmental factors. Developed Mendix apps can easily be enriched with elements including sensor and location data, real-time analyses, machine learning and the newest AI services.

Schedule a Mendix demo?

With the fully open and transparent Mendix platform, you are guaranteed solid solutions that can be directly linked to Cloud environments. An important advantage offered by Mendix software is its excellent security and maintenance, which is easy and quick to execute. We would be happy to show you the many other advantages of Mendix software in a demonstration or take a look at the Mendix website. Shall we make an appointment?


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