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Pegasystems: market leader in Digital Process Automation and Customer Engagement

Pegasystems is the global market leader in high-quality CRM and Operational Excellence software solutions. Via one platform, organizations can quickly and easily structure their end-to-end processes and use smart interfaces to integrate these in their existing application landscape. BPM Company has been Pegasystems’ implementation partner in the Benelux since 2011. Like no other, our experts have uniquely extensive and in-depth practical experience with optimally creating high-quality software solutions.


Pega technology based on layer cake architecture

The Pega platform enables medium and large-sized organizations to very quickly set up and maintain efficient, flexible and transparent processes. Thanks to the unique ‘Build for Change’ functionalities in Pegasystems, based on the patented layer cake architecture, you can use the Pega technology to quickly and easily adapt your processes to changed (market) conditions. As a result, you easily control all your operating processes.

Pega technology: model-driven low code

Pegasystems software offers many possibilities for building an application and integrating it into your existing ICT architecture in a surprisingly short amount of time. What is special about the Pega platform is also that it does not require time-consuming and thus costly hard coding; instead, it uses model-driven low code. This allows for increased productivity, speed and flexibility.

Multidimensional application platform

In our view, an application platform that actually contributes to your digital journey should truly be multidimensional. Or rather: the platform should be suitable for many products/services, many channels, several countries/continents, different types of customers, etc. Within the Pega platform, all processes, procedures, data models and user interfaces are organized in neat layers. New products, countries and communication and distribution channels can easily be added without having to copy or drastically rewrite software. Let us do the math: with Pega technology, you can simplify your software development, integration and implementation and save on costs.

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Do you want to see the advantages offered by this unique platform for flexible operating processes and strategic apps with your own eyes? Then make an appointment for a demonstration with one of our consultants or check the Pega website for more information about this innovative platform.


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