June 16, 2023

The 3 main takeaways from PegaWorld iNspire 2023

Cast your mind back to the software industry of 1983. What tools did organizations employ to develop their business software? And more importantly, how many of those technologies have managed to maintain their relevance, innovation, and leadership status in today’s rapidly evolving landscape? Change is constant, and no software platform understands this better than Pega, as echoed in their tagline: “Build for change.” PegaWorld iNspire reminded us why the Pega platform has stayed relevant for the past forty years. In this article, our specialists Richard, Maarten, and Arjan will share the three most important takeaways from this year’s PegaWorld iNspire. In the coming weeks, they will dive deeper into these takeaways.

Pega is expanding its Generative AI features (#GenAI)

We anticipated that PegaWorld would primarily be about the maturing of Constellation, project Fnx, and the expansion of the business case for Pega Cloud. However, in November, the world of IT experienced a true disruption with the launch of ChatGPT. The breakthrough of this powerful generative AI (GenAI) garnered widespread attention, as it opened up endless possibilities in digitalizing and automating business processes.

The Pega platform will also expand with many GenAI features, which will be employed in various use cases. One of the showcased features was the Autopilot feature of GenAI. For example, GenAI created a baseline for the process and data model when provided with a Loan Application, offering case design, data model, and screen suggestions within minutes. Citizen developers can then make necessary adjustments to suit their specific requirements, as the GenAI suggestions are usable to a large degree (though not 100% accurate, they come close).

This use case represents only a small fraction of what was presented, and we anticipate the introduction of additional GenAI features to the Pega platform. Initially, these features will primarily focus on assisting the development process, enabling smarter and quicker workflows. This is a positive step, as organizations may be hesitant to immediately implement GenAI for end users, given the need to establish trust first.

In the next blog, Maarten will take a closer look at the most important GenAI features.

Making steps toward the autonomous enterprise

Another trend we saw was the autonomous enterprise. Organizations are able to harness ‘self-driving’ capabilities, supported by transparent AI known as ‘ProcessAI.’ The comparison with the self-driving car is simple but effective: the same way cars are increasingly supported by technology also applies to organizations. Similarly, organizations can leverage Pega’s capabilities as the technological engine powering their operations. Organizations need to embrace more AI assistance to stay competitive. However, this does not entail relinquishing control of your organization; in fact, it empowers organizations with more control to navigate their desired path. The autonomous enterprise, equipped with a range of Pega features, facilitates this journey and allows organizations to focus on their core objectives.

In the upcoming blog post, Arjan will delve into the ways the autonomous enterprise can revolutionize your organization’s operations.

Improving processes with the Process Mining capability

An exciting new Pega application that is now available is the Process Minning application. In 2022, Pega acquired the process mining software company Everflow, and they have now released their first combined product. Every Pega application collects a wealth of data on how processes run. The process mining application can analyze this data to identify efficiencies and bottlenecks, as well as suggest actions for improvements. The application’s visualization capabilities offer managers valuable insights into how end users navigate through the processes, enabling them to better understand how the application is actually used. Additionally, the application has the ability to import data from multiple Pega applications as well as non-Pega applications.

Stay tuned for Richard’s upcoming blog, where he will explore how the use of process mining helps you to optimize your organization’s processes.

Final thoughts

All in all, we look back on an inspiring PegaWorld iNspire. The key aspect of Pega’s improvement lies in how it seamlessly integrates workflow automation with advanced AI capabilities. With the promise of GenAI-assisted development in the next release, the development speed is expected to be twice as fast.

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