January 29, 2020

The importance of a holistic approach in – rapid – changes

In fast-growing organizations, the structure undergoes major changes, while at the same time, major agility and scalability of solutions is desired. That’s quite something. Our colleague Maarten Veger often encounters these kinds of organizations. In this blog, he’ll tell you how to approach such a challenge.

Innovate, experiment and introduce quickly

I am currently working for a client faced with that exact challenge. It is a truly IT-driven organization that wants to quickly establish a minimum viable product, to test on the market whether a new product works or not. Adapting, adding functionalities and scaling up will follow after the introduction. There is a lot involved in that process. The business plan, the execution and the technical support have to properly come together and constantly changing priorities and insights call for an IT solution that can be flexibly adjusted accordingly.

Visualization helps

A lot can be gained from quickly visualizing solutions. I once worked on structuring a new process for a major bank. After a week or two of discussing it, we visualized the process. Then it turned out that we weren’t all on the same page. End users think from the front end of a system, while others think based on process flows and before you know it, it’s all led to Babel-like confusion. With a simple visualization, you can quickly gather feedback and put together a collective image.

Change at the expense of structure

Such a fast-growing organization often has a dynamic structure. In a change process, people are still looking at what works. A new application is just part of the process, and the real challenge is in the organization having to change with it. For example, I once worked with a financial service provider on a new way to assign work. The team leaders used to assign tasks; now, a smart algorithm sets the priorities. Technically, that works like a dream, but the change entailed quite a lot for the team leaders. Thus, the importance of adoption in a change process should not be underestimated.

Holistic approach

That is why at BPM Company, we opt for a holistic approach that brings business and technology closer together. With Pegasystems, we can quickly configure and visualize a process and create a prototype to easily gather feedback from various stakeholders. Pegasystems also offers great integration options, allowing us to add a layer onto existing applications, creating a new and better process. As Pegasystems is a low-code platform – ‘software that writes software’ – we can do so without having to do a lot of coding.


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