December 5, 2023

The right people in the right place on your Pega team? Here’s how to do it

De juiste mensen op de juiste plek in je Pega-team

In our previous blog, we told you which roles are essential in each phase of a Pega project. But how do you get the right people in the right place? Chances are – especially on a first project – there is not yet enough experience internally. That means you have to start looking outside the door. But what exactly should you look for? We will help you on your way with this blog.

Lead System Architect and Lead Business Architect

When looking for the right person for the Lead System Architect role, Pega certification can help you determine if someone has the right level of knowledge. There are three levels of certification for System Architects: Certified System Architect, Certified Senior System Architect and Certified Lead System Architect. Yet this is only a tool, because the seniority level of a Pega specialist is not a matter of certifications alone. Experience is also crucial. When filling the role of Lead Business Architect, it is certainly insufficient to look only at the certification level. In fact, there is only one certification level available for Business Architects, so the person’s experience is even more important here.

Senior System Architects

For Senior System Architects, who are needed during the setup phase, the same applies as for the Lead System Architect. Look at the certifications, but above all do not forget to include experience in your decision. Again, this experience will most likely have to be sought outside the organization.

Business Architects

For Business Architects, people from both inside and outside the organization come into consideration. In this role, specific knowledge of Pega is an advantage, but not a must. The requirements for the implementation of the various processes can be carried out by business analysts and then tested for Pega-specific characteristics by the Lead Business Architect.

Starting System Architects

During the implementation phase, the team is further expanded with System Architects, who usually also have less experience. These can also be starting System Architects, who have just completed the System Architect training and possibly the Senior System Architect training. This allows them to gain experience and eventually – under the care of a Senior System Architect – grow into a senior role.

Supplement external staff

When internal employees have gained sufficient knowledge and experience, they can support the external Senior System Architects. In the process, new (starting) System Architects can step in. In this way, you build up an internal population of experienced Pega specialists. You can also choose to let (part of) the internal and/or external Senior System Architects flow through to the new team, if you need additional Pega teams over time. The new team then benefits from the knowledge and experience gained within the organization by the first team, the accumulated layer cake, the strategic applications used and generic components realized.

Want to know more?

Are you facing the challenge of putting together a new – or first – Pega team within your organization and could use some guidance? Then don’t hesitate to contact us, we can help you get started.


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