February 12, 2024

This is how your organizations benefits from the BPMC Academy

As an ‘Authorized Training Partner’ of Pegasystems, BPM Company has built an extensive track record in the field of Pega training in recent years. With our wide range of training courses and unique way of teaching, many customers have already been able to increase their internal Pega knowledge with the help of our Academy. In this blog, Stanley Foster, Manager BPM Company Academy, explains how your organization can also benefit from the BPM Company Academy and what makes our unique approach so effective.

A training course for every target group

At BPM Company, we understand that different audiences have different needs when it comes to Pega training courses. That’s why we offer training for various target groups, both in the form of open training and training tailored specifically to an organization. For example, if a customer has six or seven participants, it is often more advantageous from a cost perspective to provide the training at the customer’s premises, in-company. For example, we recently conducted a Pega training at pension administrator MN for a group of seven colleagues. If there are not enough participants to justify in-company training, we also offer open training courses that individual participants can register for. Once enough participants have registered, the training starts. For example, one time we may provide training with participants from five different organizations and another time with eight to 10 people from the same organization.

The power of customization and team building

One of the advantages of in-company training is that the participants come from the same environment, and often the same project. This creates recognizable examples, questions, and practical situations that everyone can understand. Moreover, such training creates a group dynamic in which discussions about how things are put together, mistakes are resolved, and the team becomes stronger. It is important not to disturb the group process, which is why, in principle, we do not admit participants from other companies during in-company training. This way, the training contributes not only to increasing Pega knowledge, but also to team building within the organization.

The benefits of in-house training

As an organization, you may choose to hire outside consultants for Pega projects. However, this can be costly and lead to dependence on external expertise. Another option is to train your IT staff to work with the Pega platform. Through training, your employees can develop personally, you save costs on external hiring, and maintain more control over your budget and projects. Moreover, you determine the pace of growth and development within your organization.

Our teaching method: blended learning

At BPM Company, we have listened to the needs of our customers and looked at how we can offer training that connects to real-life situations. That is why we have chosen blended learning. We combine self-study with classroom lessons, allowing participants to first study the material at home (online) and then go deeper in the classroom with support from an experienced Pega instructor.

The benefits of blended learning

The benefits of blended learning are numerous. Instead of a multi-day continuous classroom training, the training now consists of non-consecutive class days and there is time between class days for online self-study. This ensures that participants are absent from their projects for less time and that the training can fit better into their schedules. In addition, participants come prepared for the classroom lessons, making the material stick better. The class can cover specific topics that participants struggle with and discuss real-world examples. This approach is similar to learning to ski: if you can already ski, you don’t start over every year on the baby slope, but start right away at the level that suits you. In this way, we introduce people to the Pega platform, and they can quickly and efficiently build skills that are immediately applicable in their daily projects. Moreover, after the training, participants can participate in the relevant Pega exam to demonstrate that they are competent at a certain level of Pega.


In addition to standard training courses, we also offer customization. We can adapt the training courses to our client’s specific cases, so that by the end of the training, the participants have already worked on their own project. For example, a training course for pension administrator MN can focus on the complex processes and challenges within the pension industry, for Rabobank on the processes and systems in the life insurance and credit industry, and for airline Transavia on the processes and requirements of the airline industry. Through this flexibility and attention to the individual needs of our clients, we strive for high learning efficiency and practical applicability.

BPM Company Academy in brief

In short, with the BPM Company Academy, your organization benefits from a wide range of Pega training courses, tailored to different target groups. Our blended-learning teaching method ensures that the training courses are flexible, effective, and practice-oriented. By training your employees using the BPM Company Academy, you have more control over the Pega (knowledge) development in your organization and the costs and dependence on external suppliers. Train your employees in Pega and develop them into your organization’s future Pega specialists!

Want to know more?

Would you like to know more about the BPM Company Academy and how we can support your organization in increasing its Pega knowledge? Contact us via email or call +31 (0) 30 2077006. Together, we will make sure that your organization can benefit optimally from the possibilities of the Pega platform.


  • Foto van netwerkborrel voor Pega trainees, groep (oud) trainees kijkt naar presentatie over AI van Pega Developer

    July 2023

    Succesful networking event for Pega trainees at BPM Company Academy

  • Foto van groep die blended training volgt in de BPM Company Academy

    June 2023

    BPM Company organizes blended training for their customers

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