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The ability to continue to provide proper service to your customers in a world that is becoming increasingly digital is more important than ever. BPM Company Academy supports its clients with specialized Pega and Mendix trainings and practical workshops. We provide trainings in-company or at our training centers in Zeist and Boortmeerbeek. We use different types of learning, including both group trainings taught by experienced trainers and a combination of e-learning and group classes. High-quality training programs with proven effectivity are given based on the standard training materials from Pega and Mendix. Specific trainings can also be custom made, coordinated to your organization’s situation.

Pega trainings
Mendix trainings


Pega trainings

BPM Company is an authorized Pega systems training partner. Our trainers are certified by Pega and have successfully completed the ‘train the trainer’ instruction program. In recent years, we have built an extensive track record in Pega trainings among the various Pega clients in the Benelux. In addition to the standard Pega curriculum, BPM Company also developed its own expert Pega trainings.



Mendix trainings

As a Mendix partner, in recent years we have gained a lot of experience in developing applications on the low-code development platform. We also helped several client organizations build their Mendix knowledge and implement best practices. BPM Company offers several standard Mendix trainings and developed a number of guidance packages for organizations to successfully implement Mendix.



Design Thinking

Design Thinking is a creative method of innovation. At its core, Design Thinking is an iterative process for creating new solutions and ideas. Our Design Thinking workshop provides the knowledge and skills for innovating in a different, more agile way. We teach you how to focus on the customer or end user through a continued process of analyzing customer wishes, generating ideas and developing and testing prototypes, to develop products that are really needed.

During our Design Thinking workshops, our experts cover a design approach to come up with and build effective business applications within just a few days. Our Design Thinking workshops, in which business and IT seamlessly come together, are scalable from two days to a few weeks.

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Vivat wants to have more control over developing applications with the Pega platform. To achieve that goal, Vivat has decided to train and certify internal employees as Pega Senior System Architects.

BPM Company group-trained both the first and second group of internal developers by means of a custom-made program.

Rabobank primarily has its own business analysts working on its Pega projects. Developing with Pega is different than developing traditional software. Rabobank has opted to build Pega knowledge among its own business analysts.

BPM Company consultants gave Pega Business Architect and Pega System Architect trainings to various Rabobank business analysts. With better specifications, the business was helped at an earlier stage to make the right functional choices in line with the platform’s best practices.


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