We help our clients get the most out of their Business Process Management solution and therefore, their processes. We offer support in clearing up any questions around BPM and translate this into a concrete project approach. Our consultants utilise their technical expertise to ensure the success of your BPM projects, provide your staff with coaching where needed and continually look at how the technology can best be deployed.

We support your organisation in all phases of your BPM solution. In the initial phase, the focus is on translating business goals around BPM into concrete projects. Together with you, we look at how these projects can best be executed, what technology is most suitable for them and where the opportunities and risks are. The result is a BPM Roadmap.

Together with your employees, we implement the projects in a joint project team. Our consultants provide coaching where needed and support your staff in obtaining the right technical and agile project skills. Our consultants stay up to date on the new possibilities of the technology and can match the best solution to the question. When implementing projects, we recommend an agile Scrum approach, as we have seen in practice that this has a positive effect on project teams and project management.

Our expertise is focused on Pega PRPC and BonitaSoft. Solutions we provide include:
- A BPM application that allows you to get a grip on processes that interact with the customer. For this, various existing applications are linked and the BPM layer is built on top of this (Pega PRPC);
- An application which makes it possible to manage and enrich larger data files from providing parties and deliver them to different systems internally (Pega PRPC);
- An application that makes it possible to draw up exceptional invoices and to connect this process to the standard billing process (Pega PRPC).

Want to know more?

Do you want to know more about how BPM Company can use its expertise to support your organisation? Are you curious about what technology is best for you? Read more about our expertise with BPM systems as Pega PRPCBonitaSoftMendix or Apps