On the 7th and 8th of June 2016, BPM Company attended the biyearly international flagship event of Mendix in Rotterdam: Mendix World. The conference was attended by a record-breaking 2700 Business and IT professionals.



Recently, BPM Company became a certified implementation partner with Mendix: the Rapid Application Development Platform. Since we added the model-driven development platform, which promises faster time-to-market of applications, ease of change of existing applications and a collaboration between IT and Business, to our portfolio, we have experienced that Mendix is the kind of platform that enterprises are looking for to speed up their digital transformation. In just a few months time we are already helping a brand new customer and are involved in Proof of Concepts and Requests for Proposal.

All the more reason to be part of the existing experience that Mendix World 2016 most definitely has delivered.

Our key takeaways

1. Mendix is successfully and rapidly growing in the international market

CEO, Derek Roos, states in the first keynote that Mendix serves 500+ Digital innovators across all industries and geographies. It is a very impressive achievement and confirmation of the strong vision that is behind the platform.

MendixWorld2016 1

2. Research and development is one of the corner stones of Mendix

Digital transformation needs a platform that is equally innovative as the business ideas it brings to life. The company’s CEO talked about how Mendix has been investing heavily in the platform to maintain its leading position, by giving sneak peaks of the technological innovations. It was on day 2 of the event that CTO, Johan De Haan, officially announced and demonstrated the technological innovations, firstly the Web Modeler (Web-based Developer interface) then the extensive native app support.

MendixWorld2016 2 MendixWorld2016 3

3. Smart Apps are not a thing of the future, it’s here

Derek Roos talked about Smart Apps, explaining that they proactively guide the user in what to do and when to do it. This new generation application leverages all available data sources to give users a context-aware experience. He speaks of the democratization of IoT data that can be leveraged by the current version of the Mendix Platform and even more easily by the next version, Mendix 7.

4. Mendix 7 announcement

MendixWorld2016 4

On day two, the event was started with the keynote that the Mendix community had been waiting for. Johan den Haan, CTO of Mendix, announced and demonstrated the new capabilities of the platform.

Mendix prides itself on being a platform that allows business and IT users to collaborate in building a business application. The current version of Mendix requires separate IDE or integrated development interface to build the application. This is typically still a bridge too far for application experts from the business to make simple changes to the applications such as field names, adding extra fields or changing lay-out. But the new Web Modeler, which runs in any browser, changes that. IT and business users can easily change the live application by switching to administrator mode but this might not be the best thing to do in a production environment of course. By enabling business to build their own prototypes with the Mendix Web Modeler, might be a smarter approach.

Other new features are the Mendix Connector kit that allows to more easily define integrations, the native mobile experience, the Mendix application test suite and the Mendix Application Performance monitor, which are all in line with the vision of creating Smart Apps and leveraging all data needed to deliver a context-aware app.

MendixWorld2016 5

For a full overview of all 8 cool features of Mendix 7, visit the Mendix Press Room.