Jan Ickroth recently joined BPM Company Belgium as Delivery Director. Jan will be responsible for the growth and development of the vision and strategy of BPM Company in Belgium. With over twenty years of experience, including Sector Leader Industry at Trasys, Key Account Manager and Business Development Manager at Ad Ultima and Centric Belgium, he built a lot of analytical, technical, commercial and business-oriented expertise.

With these skills he will assist customers with Digital Transformation projects based on high perfomance software platforms such as Pegasystems and Mendix.

Jan collaborated in the past with Eelco (our Managing Director) for Centric IT Solutions Belgium, conducting the Supply Chain ERP consultancy team. After his job at Trasys as Industry sector leader, he was looking for a new challenge in state-of-the art application development technology. He is convinced that the Digital Transformation wave needs another kind capability – especially in application lifecycle, with tools that are flexible and offer a short time-to-value.

But how did he get there? He is a MBA-educated civil engineer, so an analytic IT professional, with strong track record in business development programs in multinational setting, with experience in ERP, MES, supply chain software, Industrial automation and IT Security & Risk management.

The reason why he chose this job as Delivery Director is because he likes to help organisations to continuously adapt to changing realities and to continuously improve operations. This is valid both for BPM Company and for its customers.

He aims for a good working atmosphere in an expert team and hopes to contribute for BPM Company in growth in size and maturity.

Jan Ickroth