Since we started six months ago as Mendix partner in Belgium, several Belgian companies decided to start building their new applications with the Mendix platform. Why did these organisations choose to work with the Mendix low-code platform?

Companies want to accelerate their digitization, especially to improve customer engagement processes, optimize operational efficiency and introduce new digital business models. We see companies establishing a digital strategy with ambitious objectives and a well thought vision. We make it happen, by introducing a platform for Digital Execution: Mendix. With Mendix, we build applications that integrate existing applications and extend these applications to meet new requirements. Examples are customer portals and (real-time) supply chain visibility applications.

ERP systems have grown into ‘fat’ and ‘hard to upgrade’ systems, but new ERP systems are often cloud based and ‘lean’. Companies realise that before migrating to those new ERP platforms, the specific and highly differentiating processes need a solution – as they are not supported by the new ERP platform. At the same time - learning from the past – companies realise that one (ERP) platform that fits for many purposes isn’t the best way to go. With the bi-modal approach, we make the analysis which processes are unique to the company – and with the Mendix platform we offer a solution to build these processes in a way that the business really can take advantage of new digital technologies. Our projects are in the area of field service processes, quality management and operational process automation.

IT departments spend lots of time and money to maintain existing systems and legacy applications to keep the business running. Lots of requirements remain unfulfilled because building new applications is high-priced and is goes slowly. On top of that, capturing the user requirements is complicated – typically because the need changes constantly while (disruptive) competition puts pressure on existing processes and business models. With Mendix, we are very strong in prompt capturing user requirements and translate these into a working prototype. With a minimum viable product (MVP) we can go live quite fast and convince both the business and the IT developers that there are new ways to build and deploy applications, that are live within weeks rather than months or years. We recently build apps for various industries like a payroll service provider, a manufacturing company and an insurance company. 

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Are you wondering whether Mendix is suitable for solving your problem? Or would you like to know how we deal with these problems? Do not hesitate to contact Jan Ickroth (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).