We have been nominated for the Computable Awards 2015! BPM Company is delighted to announce its nomination for the Best ICT Project of the year in the SMB segment. 

‘The reasons to nominate BPM Company are knowledge of the solution, flexibility and expertise as a supplier to carry out such complex projects. In my opinion, none of the other submissions had to deal with such a complex project´, says Reza Sarshar, member of the Computable jury for the projects at SMB’s.

Computable Awards is acknowledged as the most distinguished IT Awards in the Netherlands. Annually, an independent jury chooses the nominees per award category. The jury chooses in collaboration with the readers the winners, mind that each affects the final decision by 50%. 

The winners will be announced on the 3rd of November 2015. 

Early 2014, MKB Brandstof went live with a Pega application for its back-office. The company introduced the Nationale Tankpas (National Fuel Card) to let SMEs and freelancers easily pay their transactions and manage their records. ‘Due to big success of the Nationale Tankpas, the business of MKB Brandstof grew very fast. The ICT architecture was fragmented organized and not fully supporting this growth’, says Eelco Vissinga, managing director of BPM Company. The processes of checking customers by external parties, booking fuel transactions and sending invoices were not optimally working together. These processes are now done by Pega as middle layer between the front-end website systems and the back-end administration systems that take care of transactions and invoices. The middle layer of Pega provides more flexibility and scalability to the back-end systems in order to serve the growing number of customers of MKB Brandstof.

The big challenge of this project was the small size of MKB Brandstof and the large volumes of fuel they are administrating. A big IT change was not possible, the organization didn’t have the time and money for that. ‘BPM Company really tried to understand the business processes of MKB Brandstof’, says Sarshar. ‘In the next phase, the business processes have been rewritten, modeled and tailored to the BPM solution. The result: flexible and efficient business processes. Performing this phase, required vast knowledge of both sides: client-environment and the solution itself. BPM has proven to take on the color of DNA of its client fast and look at a solution not only from a supplier angle but also from customer perspective.’