From 8 to 11 June, the annual PegaWorld conference by Pegasystems takes place, this year in Washington DC. Of course, BPM Company will be present here, with Eelco Vissinga, Jan Willem van Asperen, and Maarten Veger as its delegation. Just like each year, there is a full programme of presentations by Pega & clients!

On Monday, Alan Trefler, founder and CEO of Pegasystems, will give his keynote speech Build for Change. He will explain why a new approach to software is necessary for successfully realising a customer-focused strategy. Kerim Akgonul, Senior Vice President, will discuss the powerful possibilities that Pega holds.

Dutch clients will also be present. On Monday, Rabobank will hold a break-out session on the Vision 2016 programme with which they want to serve customers even better. Achmea has a break-out session on Tuesday in which they will present how Pega gives them more flexibility with product introductions.

BPM Company will keep you informed from Washington! Follow us on Twitter (@BPMCompany) and keep an eye on the site. The keynote speeches can also be followed live.

Jan Willem van Asperen has been working as a Delivery Manager with BPM Company since January 2014. The Nationale Beroepengids interviewed him in the context of profession of the month. In this interview, he provides an insight into his work: how he got his job, what challenges him in his work for BPM Company, and his experiences so far. Curious about his work? Read the article here.


The year has started well, because from early January, our client MKB Brandstof has gone live with a Pega application for its back-office. MKB Brandstof is an organisation which first introduced a fuel card for the small business market and has since become successful with the Nationale Tankpas .



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On Tuesday, 8 October, the third presentation of the BPM College Tour took place at the University of Twente. More than 100 students from student association Inter-Actief attended this session. In this presentation, the possibilities of BPM and Pega PRPC were shown by Alexander Schutte (co-founder) and Maarten Veger (Senior BPM Architect). The students of Business & IT and Computer Science said it was a very innovative topic and a clear, compelling story.


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Students of Business IT & Management at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht were the second group to attend BPM Company’s college tour. In this presentation, Senior BPM Architect Maarten Veger provided an introduction and a live demo of building processes in Pega PRPC. ICT-BIM professor Gert van Hardeveld and his students were very enthusiastic about the demo.


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30 students from student association GEWIS were the first audience of the College Tour of BPM Company. On Tuesday, 10 September, co-founder Alexander Schutte and Senior BPM Architect Maarten Veger gave the first of four presentations on the how and why of BPM and Pega PRPC at the Eindhoven University of Technology. BPM Company hopes to increase brand awareness of Pega among students through these presentations. Because Pega is not freely available and mostly used by large enterprises, the BPM package remains a fairly unknown name among students.


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