JanJaap BPMConsultant BPMCompany

I’m a BPM Architect at BPM Company; I design and implement large Business Process Management projects for clients. I became passionate about BPM when I realized that BPM suites are necessary in order to successfully integrate large IT projects with complex applications, workflows, User Interfaces, portals and integration with back-end applications.

I worked with various open source frameworks as a J2EE developer for years, but that technology is much less powerful than BPM suites. The beauty of BPM suites is that colleagues from very diverse disciplines can all work with it. Think of analysts, developers, managers, testers, and end users. This produces great collaborative teams, because they can all speak the same ‘language’.

I have been working full-time for more than 6 years with different BPMS systems such as Cordys, BonitaSoft, and Pegasystems, which have all given me a wealth of experiences that I happily share with my colleagues. Pegasystems is a beautiful and large system to which new functionality is regularly added. As such, I often have to follow online sessions on the online Pega Academy to brush up my knowledge. However, I mostly learn from my colleagues on the job. In this field, there are a lot of fun experiences, colleagues who have already experienced quite a lot and colleagues who are happy to exchange knowledge.

My best project with Pegasystems until now has been for a client that was about to crumble because their business processes were so poorly organized that their regulator was threatening to take away their license. In a short time and with a fun, dynamic team as well as with brilliant testers, we were able to automate the processes and in the end saved the company. What’s better yet is that after this they were outperforming their competitors!


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