Karen BPMConsultant BPMCompany

It all started when I graduated from the University of Groningen in Informatics with a major in Combinatorial Algorithms. Eager to expand my horizons, I went on to gain experience with several topics such as CRM, BI and Process Improvement, which have all to do with Business Process Management. Then I went on to work for BPM Company, which has been almost 3 years now! I chose to work for BPM Company because of the company size and the employees. The people who work there are smart, enthusiastic and have a lot of knowledge about Pega and BPM related topics. Also, I am really fond of the way my colleagues work together.

Currently, I am working in a Pega project team both as a Scrum Master and a Pega Business Analyst. So, my workday starts with waking up at 7 o’clock and drinking a cup of coffee to start the day, followed by enjoying breakfast with my daughter and then I leave for work. At work our scrum team starts with a stand-up session to share the current status of our project. Then during the day I have several meetings and I specify the functionality that needs to be implemented by my team members. Every two weeks we demo the current status of the project to the stakeholders of the project. We also have meetings to share our knowledge; this is because the project that we are working on consists of 6 teams, of which all implement Pega solutions for the retail finance business.

Similar to the knowledge meetings at the client we also have monthly meetings at BPM Company. It is here where we share our knowledge and experiences; almost every meeting an expert consultant is invited to explain and teach us how to reflect and improve on a certain topic.

A few months ago I had my proudest career accomplishment! It was the first project I worked on as a BPM Company employee for the company MKB Brandstof. And it was this same project that won the Computable Award 2015 in the category 'Best ICT Project of the Year in SME’. I was in pure awe..


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