Marco BPMConsultant BPMCompany

I studied economics in Maastricht, which is a great “bourgondic” city far away from home, where you can learn to enjoy life and how to be independent. During this time I also went to live abroad in Glasgow for a year, to focus more on European history. Then I started my IT career in 1996 and finally joined BPM Company on the 1st of June 2015.

My reason for choosing BPM Company had to do with its relatively small company size which means that you know a lot about the “in’s and out’s” of the company. We are persons, not assets. And we all know each other and share the same passion: BPM. Also, the company carries important values such as honesty and professionalism.

Presently, I work as a consultant covering broad area of activities, ranging from the business side of activities as Business architect to the more technical side as System architect. These activities are performed in pre-sales, in our own projects and as resource placed at the customer.

I do encounter a lot of challenges but they differ from day to day. My drive is to try to find smart solutions and bring most value in the projects that we do. This means delivering solutions that support the business process in the most optimal way but that is also maintainable and can change when a business needs change. And of course I still learn a lot while trying to deliver good results. Working in BPM, specifically with Pega provides the opportunity to work closely with both Business and IT, so it is easy to see the value I add by doing my job.

Currently, I am content with where I am in my career, but there is always room for improvement. The improvement will be in the predictability and further development in the value we bring to our customers.

I believe that it is best to find your passion in life and organize your private and professional activities around it. So, go where your passion lies. If it happens to be in solving problems, helping people and IT then you might want to join us.


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