Ramon BPMConsultant BPMCompany

I am Ramon and I have been working for BPM Company as a BPM Consultant/Pega Senior System Architect since 2013. My role includes working as a developer of complex BPM solutions and integration solutions on the Pega platform.

After working for the same employer for approximately 8 years, I felt it was time for some more variety. Without knowing it, you tend to stop moving forward as much as you would like if you stay in the same environment for too long. That is why I switched to BPM Company in 2013, because the company felt pleasant and personal to me. It employs passionate people who make you feel at home. In addition, your opinion matters here and you really have an influence on what happens within the company. You can continue to develop in multiple ways and have the possibility to be deployed with different clients, so you are not in the same work environment all the time.

In IT, it is necessary to stay up to date on the latest developments in your field. So, for me there are two ways I stay up to date: training courses and knowledge sessions. Pega has an online academy, called the Pega Academy, where you can follow training courses to gain or refresh your knowledge using online self-study or classroom training, possibly even on location. And at BPM Company you can receive these training courses and thereby certifying yourself in the Pega software. With the other method, I gain knowledge from training or daily work that is sharedion the monthly or twice-monthly “Company meetings” in which we come together to discuss or show each other all sorts of affairs, or just to see each other, which is necessary because we are all working on different tasks at different locations.

Separate from how I keep myself up to date I also have things I still want to accomplish in my career. First of all, I would like to develop myself within my current position in order to gain more specialized knowledge. Then, I would like to develop myself a bit more towards LSA (Lead System Architect). With this role, I would be able to specialize more in the field of architecture with an implementation of Pega with a client.


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